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Equals 3 Media

In November 2015 Mercurio Capital Partners co-seeded Equals 3 Media, an IBM-Watson ecosystem partner that builds Cognitive Computing Applications enabling media professionals and marketers to optimize media research, planning and buying. Funds will be used to complete development and hire sales and marketing analyst talent. Mercurio Capital Partners will work with the management team to prepare for Series A round and to approach international markets.


DMT Training

In October 2014 Mercurio Capital Partners invested in DMT - Digital Media Training Inc., one of the leading service and technology players in the training industry. Featuring a proprietary LMS - Learning Management SaaS Platform and a library of multi-media sales- and digital sales- content, DMT established working relationship with a number of Fortune 500 and smaller clients. MCP provided both capital and ongoing operating support, specifically in business development and finance.


World of McIntosh

In May 2014 Mercurio Capital Partners co-invested in the MBO of Fine Sounds Group, the High Performance Audio leading holding Company controlling McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus faber and Wadia brands. The acquisition will foster incremental opportunities for global collaborations in product development, marketing, distribution and finance. Mercurio Capital Partners provided both capital and operating expertise in the integration of the assets.


SKG International

In January 2014 Mercurio Capital Partners invested in SKG International, Inc., the only independent supplier of Integrated Receiver/Drier in the North American market with established near-shoring, localized capacity. The Integrated Receiver/Drier, a key component of the A/C system, reduces weight, size and cost. As the North American market transitions toward stricter fuel economy standards and a growing share of compact vehicles, the new focus on size and weight has driven local OEMs to consider new designs and suppliers across all systems. The Company has been awarded sole-sourced lifetime contracts across leading platforms. Mercurio Capital Partners provided capital, management and ongoing operating support.

Lotus Vodka

In May 2009 Mercurio Capital Partners acquired the brand Lotus Vodka from Delicious Brands Inc. Lotus Vodka, currently distributed in the US, pioneered the Enhanced Vodkas sector, with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including ginseng and guarana. The transaction provided both capital and operating expertise to reposition the brand.



In September 2008 Mercurio Capital Partners made a minority investment in Solid-Look Corporation.

Solid-Look Corporation, a spin-off of Italy based Andxor S.r.l., develops proprietary 3D real time vision systems for use in minimally invasive surgical (“MIS”) procedures. MIS procedures accounts for over 25% of all surgical procedures performed annually in the US. The Solid-Look vision systems increase accuracy, reduce operation time and post operating recovery up to 50% for most MIS procedures.

The transaction will provide capital and management resources to complete the controlled installation of four stereoscopic systems in internationally renown hospitals in the US and Italy.


Pantofola D’Oro

In June 2008 Mercurio Capital Partners made a minority investment in Pantofola d’Oro S.p.a.

Founded in 1886, Pantofola D’Oro is a sport and fashion shoe designer and marketer currently distributed in more than 200 upscale shoes, fashion and sport stores in 40 countries. The transaction will provide capital and management resources to execute a United States-focused growth strategy, continued international development of the company’s brand and an expansion of proprietary stores throughout Italy.

Private investors Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Acconciagioco joined MCP in the investment and, as Advisors of the Company, will provide ongoing support to the management team.


wah wah

Mercurio Capital Partners closed its first transaction in October 2006 with an investment in Wahwah Skintrim Studio AS.

Wahwah is an innovative Norwegian retail chain offering leading-brand personal care products through a results-oriented spa treatment component. The Company’s twelve corporate and franchise studios are the platform for an aggressive expansion throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Among the limited partners that joined Mercurio Capital Partners in this investment is Davines S.p.a., a leading Italian producer and marketer of hair care and skin care products. Davines’ [Comfort Zone] skin care products – winner of the 2006 European Spa Awards Product of the Year – are a leading product line offered by the Company. 


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